Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Nitro Express by Robert Blake Whitehill

Nitro Express (Ben Blackshaw #2) by Robert Blake Whitehill

Holed up in a frigid New York City basement lair, Ben Blackshaw gets a coded distress call from his former commanding officer. The new mission takes Blackshaw on an international manhunt for a mysterious sniper.

To launch the mission, Blackshaw is secretly flown across the country in an unmanned drone. When the UAV’s encrypted guidance system is hacked by a sleeper cell of terrorists, the plane crashes, delivering Blackshaw into the hands of gunmen intent on killing him. He barely survives this opening skirmish, only to come under fire on a Los Angeles rooftop from the rogue sniper. His former CO, and two innocent bystanders are cut down in the barrage of bullets.

Racked with grief, driven by guilt, Blackshaw reconnects with his old friend, Knocker Ellis Hogan, and together they try to lead the murderer away from populated areas before making the kill. The chase leapfrogs from the high Chilean desert to the icy wastes of northern Canada. At every turn, the killer slips away from their traps like a ghost.

Along the way, Blackshaw learns that the sniper’s deadly work is directed from the highest offices of the United States Government, and is part of a larger conspiracy to ignite a genocidal war-for-profit in South America.

After Ellis is gravely wounded, Blackshaw makes a final stand on a wrecked ship in the Chesapeake Bay, only to discover that the killer’s identity could make completing the mission next to impossible.

My Thoughts:
Book two of the Ben Blackshaw series, Nitro Express is an exciting, fast-paced thrill ride even better than the first. In this installment, Ben is hiding out in NYC turning gold into art. He is found and reluctantly pulled into an op. Don't worry if you haven't read the first, because there is enough info to fill you in. I couldn't read fast enough and was racing through the pages to reach the conclusion, which blew me away. This is a well-written book that gives you pieces of the puzzle and you are compelled to keep reading so you can put them together. The body count is fairly high and the author has the ability to paint a vivid, gory picture in just a few words. There are also some great witty lines to lighten things up. Fans of action, suspense, speed, and big guns will not want to miss this.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !
*Notes: Strong language, descriptive gore.

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