The Ratings

An explanation of my ratings:

***** 5 Stars: Loved! (Here is a post on what makes me give 5 stars)

**** 4 Stars: Great read (Really enjoyed and was immersed in story)

*** 3 Stars: Good read (Liked it, but something took me out of the story)

** 2 Stars: Ok (Not really for me)

* 1 Star: DNF (Did not finish)

Thoughts on the steam factor:

Some people don't want to read books with graphic love scenes, while others seek them out, and it is not always possible to know before you start reading. This is my personal rating scale.

! -Not steamy, maybe some kissing or sexual references.

!! -More than kissing, or more sexual language. Anything more is behind closed doors.

!!! -Love scenes are described but not explicit.

!!!! -Explicit love scenes. These are what I like to call "insert tab A into slot B."

!!!!! -Explicit love scenes with a little more. Included here are BDSM, menage, m/m or f/f.

*Notes: This is where I note anything that a reader might want to know about. Examples might be language, story lines dealing with rape or domestic violence, blood and gore.

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