Custom Book Charms

I can turn your book cover into a tiny handmade book with an eye pin for use on a necklace, earring, bracelet, or keychain.

Unique and handmade to order, these are perfect for a book lover or for author.

Books are made with folded paper and do not open. Covered with a layer of varnish to seal and protect. Splash resistant but not waterproof. Approximately 1" tall.

I will use your image for the cover and choose a coordinating color for the back/spine unless you would like a specific color. I can also put an image or text on the back. Or I can use a cover flat image for the entire cover.

If you would like your charm on jewelry:

Ball Chain Necklace

Link Necklace

Black Cord Necklace

Link Bracelet

Expandable Metal Bracelet

Key Chain

Post Earrings

Book charms with patterned covers are available as well:


1 charm - $5
4 charms - $18
5 charms - $20
10 charms- $35
15 charms - $50
30 charms - $100
50 charms - $150
75 charms - $225

Per charm price:
1-3 charms- $5 each
4 charms- $4.50 each
5-9 charms- $4 each
10-14 charms- $3.50 each
15-49 charms - $3.33 each
50+ charms- $3 each

earrings - $10
bracelet, necklace, or key chain - charm cost plus $3

Depending on the size of the order, I usually ship within 1-2 weeks. I am not responsible for the postal service. Shipping usually takes 3-5 days in the US, 2-4 weeks international. A $2.00 shipping charge will be added to orders under $20.

I will send an invoice via PayPal that you may pay with credit card. For orders over $100, half must be paid before I begin working on the order. Invoice must be paid before shipping, but I will send a photo upon completion.

To Order:
I will need:
*cover image/s
*number of charms for each image
*special instructions (jewelry, text, etc.)
*your mailing address
*email to send PP invoice
*Send it all via Facebook messenger or email listed below.

More picture examples are available on my Facebook page.
For more information, visit my Facebook page at or send an email to wilovebooks @ gmail. com. Thanks so much!

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