About Me and My Review Policy:

Hi, I'm Brinda. Wife, teacher, dance mom, karate mom, proofreader/ copy editor. I read and blog to keep my sanity.

I'm a lover of happy endings and avoid spoilers.

My reviews are basically what I liked or didn't like about a particular book, nothing profound or earth-shattering.  I was never good at book reports. (I usually use the blurb from Goodreads or Amazon.)

All opinions are mine and not influenced by anyone else, regardless of how I obtained the book. I never except anything in exchange for a review other than a free book. And even then I can't always promise a review.

I read and review whatever I feel like at the moment. I like mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, sci-fi, and I have a soft spot for anything with romance. Humor is always a plus, especially if it is witty. Books that make me cry are fine, as long as things turn out alright in the end.

*Please use the Request Form page to make requests. 

*I'm swamped with books to review right now, but I can usually make space for a feature, Q&A, or a guest post that my readers might find interesting. 

*Want some FREE stuff? I usually have tons of author swag and WiLoveBooks bookmarks to share. Just let me know!

*I get tons of emails and I don't always have time to reply. Please don't feel bad if I don't get back to you. It's nothing personal. 

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  1. Sorry you're not taking reviews, but will check back and see if you're open later. I hope I'll have more books out in the future.



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