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Review: A Dubious Plan by Gerald J. Kubicki

A Dubious Plan (Colton Banyon Mystery #5) by Gerald J. Kubicki

In the fifth Colton Banyon mystery, Banyon and his sidekick, Loni are called to Death Valley just as they are about to attend a wedding in Las Vegas. The wedding is very significant as one of the Patel sisters is marrying Eric, Wolf’s long lost grandson. Loni is determined to make it happen as it will end the curse that sexually attracts the Patel sisters to her man.
However, an old German war plane has been found in the sand dunes of Death Valley and contains many mysteries. They drive out to inspect the discovery as Banyon believes that the find is very important. As they attempt to unravel the mysteries, they discover a plan that goes back to the end of World War II and could affect modern day America.
Soon they find someone who was on the plane and possesses a map to a hidden cave. But an old Nazi knows about the cave and a war develops in the barren desert. Banyon calls in his team and finds out that they are on their own as the old Nazi attacks. The Nazi is after something, but what? Banyon and his entire team face immense peril. And then bad things start to happen.

My Thoughts:
I'm not really a history person, so when I saw this was about Nazis, I wasn't sure if I would be that interested. I ended up really enjoying it. This book is fast-paced with an intriguing mystery, action, suspense, shooting, explosions, a spirit who talks to people, curses, and a great cast of characters. I especially like Loni, with her guns and attitude. I love this quote about her by Banyon, after she takes out one of the bad guy's bodyguards: "She is my bodyguard. I only need one. Now take this crybaby and get out now."

Loni and Banyon are detectives who, I believe, hunt down old Nazis and/or Nazi artifacts. This is the fifth book and I haven't ready any of the others, but I think that's right. I currently have the sixth book, A Dubious Artifact, waiting for me and I am anxious to read it. There are also several more waiting to be published, so if you don't like to wait long between books this is a good series to start.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!
*Notes: Plenty of sexual references, but they are left to the imagination.

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Gerald J. Kubicki

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