Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Frame-Up

Frame-Up by Eric Christopherson and Brad Schoenfeld

Will Pruett is a young magazine journalist with a father who sits on death row, claiming innocence. While his father's execution date looms, capital punishment is under consideration for abolishment by the state government of New York. Will seeks to influence the debate and to speed the abolishment along by framing himself for a murder he had nothing to do with--demonstrating how a simple coincidence or two can cost an innocent man his neck. With assistance from his publisher and a defense attorney, Will succeeds in getting himself arrested for the murder before realizing the actual murderer has arranged for him to take the fall for real . . .

NYPD Homicide detective Samantha "Sam" Ortiz conducts an investigation complicated by a city on edge due to racial tensions inflamed by the murder, by a district attorney anxious to capitalize on the case in time for his reelection, by a thirst for revenge within her own police department, and by the man she'd put behind bars who belatedly insists he'd incriminated himself on purpose.

Sam must not only determine whether Will is telling the truth but also follow unexpected investigative leads involving Nazi-stolen artwork missing since WW II and illicit high-tech genetic engineering. Will she crack the case? Or will there be a family reunion on death row?

My Thoughts:
I picked this up as a free e-book.  The premise seemed interesting and looked like a good book to get me out of my romance rut. A black reporter attempts to frame himself for murder in order to show how easy it is for an innocent person to get the death penalty.  What could possibly go wrong?

Sounds like a bad idea from the beginning, but Will has his reasons, which override his common sense.  It is interesting enough to keep you reading to find out how he gets out of this mess.  Sam Ortiz, the detective who won't give up, is a great character.  She is tough and determined.  If you like police/crime dramas, this is a good read.  

My Rating: ****
*Notes:  Adult language, violence

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