Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Review: Peril by Ponytail by Nancy J. Cohen

Marla and Dalton’s honeymoon at an Arizona dude ranch veers from dangerous to downright deadly faster than a horse headed to the corral. With her husband’s uncle—the resort’s owner—on the suspect list for murder, Marla races to prove his innocence. She hopes her blind trust isn’t misplaced, especially when she learns their relative has secrets he’d rather keep buried. As the bodies pile up, she digs deeper to find the killer. With her new family in jeopardy, she’d better figure out who’s adding to the spirits at a nearby ghost town before someone she loves is hurt. Saddle up for Marla’s latest adventure in the Wild West where a Bad Hair Day is the least of her worries.

My Thoughts:
A mystery that kept me guessing with fun characters. Marla and Dalton are supposed to be on their honeymoon but they were invited with an ulterior motive in mind. Bad things have been happening and their relatives are hoping they can help. Marla's inquisitive nature gets her deeper into the mystery and closer to the truth, though all she wants to do is relax with her husband. She also has her shears with her, just in case. She might be on vacation but it is hard to leave work behind completely. I just really like Marla and found this to be an enjoyable mystery.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !

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