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Review: Tap Rack Bang by Robert Blake Whitehill and Giveaway

Former Navy SEAL Ben Blackshaw lurks in solitude aboard the shoaled wreck of the American Mariner in the Chesapeake Bay. He is awakened one stormy spring night when a drifting dinghy slams into the old ship’s hull. Blackshaw investigates, and discovers there is only one occupant in the sinking boat, a naked young woman lying unconscious in the bilge.

Against his better judgment, and risking his own undercover operation, Blackshaw gives shelter to Tally, the terrified refugee. He soon learns Tally has escaped a calculating crew of sociopaths who are about to launch an internet site called L’Abattoir, on which hostages will be tortured, and then executed. Tally was able to free herself, but she now she must return to the dreaded dungeon with help to rescue her little sister, and to free twenty other victims-in-waiting.

Blackshaw’s wife, LuAnna, arrives at the old ship on a resupply mission, and upon hearing Tally’s story, encourages Blackshaw to return home to Smith Island, and enlist his friend Knocker Ellis to help. Ellis suggests inviting other Smith Islander’s to join the mission. Blackshaw and Ellis are both shocked that their friends and neighbors will not lend a hand. The two men return to the American Mariner to find that LuAnna’s crab skiff has been sunk and that LuAnna and Tally have both disappeared.

With help from weather-wizard Michael Craig, Blackshaw back-tracks the most likely meandering course that Tally’s boat drifted the night before. But when Blackshaw and Ellis arrive at the dinghy’s starting place at the pier of a waterfront home on the Chesapeake, they find two FBI agents already investigating the double-homicide of an elderly couple, and the kidnapping of the couple’s grandchildren; five-year-old twins. To Blackshaw and Ellis, this mayhem bears the bloody signature of Maynard Chalk, their old nemesis.

Blackshaw races the FBI to discover the lair where the ghoulish L’Abattoir is to take place; he is terrified that LuAnna herself has been dragged there for slaughter. What he learns about the depths of human depravity shatters not only his faith, but the foundations of his sanity.

My Thoughts:
Whitehill does it again with non-stop action, nail-biting suspense, nightmare-inducing villains, and high-caliber weapons. Ben Blackshaw is still in hiding when he stumbles into a human trafficking ring, which he addresses for his own reasons and with his own brand of justice. Blackshaw is the kind of hero who has morals, but is willing to do whatever it takes for those he cares about, and who earns the respect and trust of his friends. Unfortunately there is a high body count on this mission, and not all of the good guys make it through. A gripping read that I couldn't put down. The best Blackshaw book to date. 

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !
Pretty intense, some graphic parts, language.

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Ben Blackshaw Series books 1 and 2:

"This book grabbed me from the opening line. It intrigued me and made me want to read more. The characters, even the bad guys, were interesting. Lots of twists and surprises in the plot made this a difficult book to put down." -WiLoveBooks

Nitro Express
"Nitro Express is an exciting, fast-paced thrill-ride even better than the first. I couldn’t read fast enough, and was racing through the pages to reach the conclusion, which blew me away. Fans of action, suspense, speed, and big guns will not want to miss this." -WiLoveBooks

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  1. This book sounds really intriguing. I'm looking for a good thriller to read. You gave it 5 stars, so I think that's a good sign it'll be good. :)

  2. It sounds awesome! Best of luck to ya hon

  3. This sounds brill! I love a good book that pulls you in, making it utterly addicting. Cheers for the great review to get me edited. Fingers crossed I win.

  4. It's a shame this contest is only US only! Regardless, this sounds like a really exciting read, and I am glad it gripped you so that you couldn't put it down~

    Check out my review and giveaway:


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