Friday, December 7, 2012

Review: Fire by Terra Harmony

Fire (Akasha #3) by Terra Harmony

***Possible spoilers if you haven't read Water or Air. You have been warned. ***

Elemental magic is a weapon of power, on both sides of the war.
The Seven has another leader, Kaitlyn is a new mother, and everyone is busy building their armies. During one battle, the secret to Akasha is discovered, and the race to master it is on. With all eyes on the prize, what matters most gets left behind. It is up to Kaitlyn to preserve the planet in the wake of the pure destructive power of Akasha, and the humans who wield it.

My Thoughts:
This series just keeps getting better. Fire is my favorite so far! The books do need to be read in order. If you are new to the Akasha series, you can click the links to find my reviews of Water and Air. Fire starts where Air left off, jumping right into the action. This one has more than just Kaitlyn's point of view, allowing us to see what is going on with the others as well, which adds to the tension. I enjoyed that. As we get to understand Micah better, I am liking him more. Now Kaitlyn is trying to balance motherhood with everything else she has going on and, while I don't have her problems, I could relate. Lots of action and more fun banter. Another cliffhanger ending has me hoping to be able to read Earth soon!

I don't usually pay much attention to book covers, but I do have to say that this series has fantastic covers. They are eye-catching and beautiful, yet simple, and they represent the books well. Just wanted to note that.

I also want to note that Water is currently FREE on Amazonand Smashwords. So if you haven't read it yet and are still reading this, go check it out.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!
*Notes: Some strong language.

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