Monday, June 25, 2012

Review: '59 by Anthony Sunderland

'59 by Anthony Sunderland

January 24th 2059: The exploration ships Intrepid and Valiant set sail on the first mission to Proxima Centauri. Finally the stars were within our reach. We would step out onto unexplored worlds, in our quest to reach out into the galaxy in search of exciting discoveries and new life.
Mission Commander Donald Lewis promised his daughter Janine that he would return from the nineteen month mission in plenty of time for her twenty first birthday.

He never came home.

Janine vowed to discover her father's fate, no matter what it might cost her. This is a quest that will test young Janine's courage and resolve to their very limits. A journey fraught with massive obstacles and terrible dangers at every turn.

This is the first instalment in the epic series '59.

My Thoughts:
'59 is the first in a sci-fi series about humans exploring beyond our own solar system.
The premise is interesting but the story is very short. It is basically a set-up the for the series. Lots of points are introduced but not developed. There is no resolution. It was difficult to really get invested in the story and characters. I also noticed that the tense shifts between past and present for no apparent reason, which I found distracting.
This was a quick read and interesting enough for me to want to read the next book to find out where it goes. It does sound intriguing. If you are a fan of sci-fi space stories, I recommend it, but prepare to keep reading because this one does not stand alone.

My Rating: ***

Where to get it:

Amazon UK

Where to find the author:
Anthony Sunderland

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