Thursday, March 10, 2022

Release Day Review: Flicker by Debra Anastasia


Debra Anastasia's newest Rom Com is sweet, spicy and bound to make you smile! Poor Monday Blue blows out the power to her apartment building with a personal massager. The electrician that shows up at her door is hot enough to melt her outlets. 

Of course, they can never date because residents in the building and employees of Hanning Electric are not allowed to cross wires. 

Instead, Monday paints a portrait of Bear in his birthday suit on her wall. Full size. And you know what I mean. *winks with both eyes*

When Bear has to come for a return visit he blows his fuse. Can the flickers of passion ignite their love?

Monday Blue

Strings of fairy lights make horrible extension cords for personal pleasure devices. I found out the hard way when I started a fire with my excessive use of a high-powered massager. But to be fair, electricity has always been out to get me. Okay, maybe we’re more like frenemies. My flatiron depends on it, but I also fear the zap it sends through me on an unwelcome, regular basis.

How do I explain this to the tattooed, hot electrician that shows up at my front door?


She was festive, I’ll give her that. The jerry-rigged self-satisfaction station Monday Blue had in her bedroom was unique. Hell, it was flashing to a beat. Ever since I checked her fuse box, I wanted to fix a whole lot more than her current. Blinky lights have never been so tempting before.

There’s a strict no fraternizing policy between the apartment residents and our family-run electric company. I have no way to rationalize the humongous, naked mural she’s painted of me on her wall. I need to face the girl of my dreams and demand she see things my way.

Can Bear and Monday turn each other on long enough to let a flicker become a spark?

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My Thoughts:
This was a fun read. Bear and Monday meet when he comes to fix the electricity in her building. They immediately hit it off but they're not allowed to date because of the contract between the company he works for and the building. There are some very funny, laugh-out-loud moments. Some parts are a little more serious. They both have some issues with their families to work out. There is a good balance and I enjoyed this very much. 

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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