Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Jaded by M.J. Kane

Jaded (Butterfly Memoirs #2) by M.J. Kane

A devastating breakup leaves Yasmine Phillips in shambles. Unable to trust another man with her heart, she focuses on the one thing she can control-starting her own business. When her computer crashes, taking months of hard work with it, she must rely on computer genius Zachariah Givens to save her. A complete opposite of men from her past, she doesn't expect the passion that ensues. But just as she finds happiness, she learns the truth about the other women in Zachariah's life.

My Thoughts:
Yasmine and Zachariah have both been hurt and neither is looking to get into a relationship. Instead they become friends, until that just isn't enough. It is very sweet. But, of course, every relationship has its issues. I really loved this story. After reading A Heart Not Easily Broken I was looking forward to Yasmine's story and was not disappointed. I recommend reading A Heart Not Easily Broken first, because there are spoilers in this one. If you love romance with strong female characters, I recommend The Butterfly Memoirs.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!!
*Notes: Strong language.

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WiLoveBooks review of A Heart Not Easily Broken

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