Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Tattered Innocence by Ann Lee Miller

Tattered Innocence by Ann Lee Miller

A tale of passions indulged, denied, and ultimately forgive.

On the verge of bagging the two things he wants most—a sailing charter business and marrying old money—Jake Murray’s fiancĂ©e/sole crew member dumps him. Salvation comes in the form of dyslexic, basketball toting Rachel Martin, the only one to apply for the first mate position he slapped on craigslist.

On a dead run from an affair with a married man, Rachel's salvation is shoving ocean between her and temptation.

Rapid fire dialogue and romantic tension sail Jake’s biker-chick of a boat through hurricanes, real and figurative. A cast of wannabe sailors, Rachel’s ex, Jake’s, a baby—go along for the ride.
The many-layered story weaves together disparate strands into a seamless cord. Mother and daughter look eerily alike—down to their lusts. Their symbiotic bond, forged in the blood of childbirth on the kitchen floor and cemented by their secrets, must be cracked open. A son must go home. Sin must be expunged.

Tattered Innocence is for anyone who’s ever woken up sealed in a fifty-gallon drum of their guilt.

My Thoughts:
Rachel and Jake meet when she applies to crew on this boat. Both are escaping their pasts. They are both fresh from bad relationships but work in close proximity, becoming friends. There is a lot about forgiveness here. Forgiving others, forgiving yourself, and forgiveness by God. There are some Christian themes here, but the characters are flawed and make very human mistakes. There are a lot of obstacles to a relationship between these two, both within themselves and from outside forces. Lots of emotion and understandable characters. I know nothing about sailing and don't read a lot of Christian books, but with flawed, believable characters finding their way, Ann Lee Miller's books just sort of grab you.  Definitely worth the read.

This is the second book I've read by Ann Lee Miller. She has four in the New Smyrna Beach series and the characters intertwine, though they stand alone just fine.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !
Clean, Christian themes

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