Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Trusting Again by Peggy Bird

Trusting Again by Peggy Bird

Imagine Cynthia Blaine’s surprise when she walks into the bar at the Heathman Hotel in Portland Oregon and sees the man she’s been trying to forget for weeks after he commissioned an expensive piece of her jewelry for “a friend’s birthday.” There was no point fantasizing about him. He was taken.

But over a cup of coffee, he convinces her to give this relationship a try. Marius woos her on a sailing trip through the San Juan Islands and their romance seems on solid grounds. But during his six-week business trip to Central America, Cynthia gets a shock. And when she goes to Portland to pour out her heart to her best friend, she has another shock—Marius, in Portland, not where he said he would be and with another woman.

It’ll take more than a good cup of coffee this time to get Cynthia and Marius to their happily-ever-after.

My Thoughts:
I have loved all of the books in the Second Chances series, but I think this was my favorite. The connection between Marius and Cynthia just sizzles from chapter one. His certainty and her insecurity made a great combination. He is sweet and thoughtful, not to mention hot, and is the perfect man to convince her that not all men are like her ex. And Cynthia's friends, Liz and Amanda played a role as well. It was fun to see some characters from other books in the series, though each stands alone just fine. I devoured this one. For a quick romance fix, this was perfect.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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