Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: A Heart to Heal by Synithia Williams

A Heart to Heal by Synithia Williams

Shayla Monroe fled her hometown of Helena, South Carolina, after a shocking situation broke the heart of the only guy she’d ever loved. Years later, after losing her job in Atlanta with her name once again shrouded in scandal, she has nowhere to go but home.

Now a devastatingly handsome and well-respected man, Devin Jones became a successful doctor as a way to forget Shayla’s betrayal. When she returns as infamously as she left, he plans to put aside old feelings and treat her as any other person in town. But after looking into her soft brown eyes, the feelings he thought long dead quickly rush to the surface.

Ignoring rumors, disapproval from family and friends, and promises to avoid each other, the two become friends ... then lovers. Devin wants all or nothing, but Shayla, haunted by her past, is afraid their relationship will damage what’s left of her reputation. Can two broken hearts survive the fight against past and present demons to heal and find love?

My Thoughts:
I loved this! I've read the author's other books and it was fun to see some familiar characters. Don't worry if you haven't read them because it won't make a difference. Each book stands on its own. I was happy to read Shayla and Devin's story because it was clear in Worth the Wait that they have a history. Right from the beginning I felt for Shayla. She has to come back to town in shame after scandal and the whole town is gossiping about her. Even her own mother treats her like she is worthless. Devin wants to stay away from Shayla after she broke his heart in high school, but they have trouble staying away from one another. Shayla wants to be with Devin, but doesn't think she deserves him. If you like angst and second chances, you will love this.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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