Friday, April 26, 2013

Review: Rite of Passage by Kevin V. Symmons

Rite of Passage by Kevin V. Symmons

June, 1947, Sebago Lake, Maine. Robert McGregor has the perfect life until he meets Courtney Wellington at a reunion. Courtney is the stuff that dreams are made of: exquisite, vulnerable and desperately alone. But Courtney’s identity is more extraordinary than he could imagine. The 40th in a line of powerful witches, Courtney and her friends have elaborate plans for Robbie. He’s been chosen to wed her in a ceremony foretold a millennia ago. A ceremony to keep humanity from chaos and self-destruction. Though fearful and suspicious, Robbie is drawn to the young beauty. When Courtney is kidnapped by a rogue sect of Druids, she becomes a pawn in a deadly struggle. A struggle that will span the Atlantic, threaten their lives and lead to a confrontation effecting the fate of humanity. Rite of Passage combines classic romance with gripping action. Surprise and deception confront Robbie and companions as they struggle to wrest Courtney from the sinister Druids. Unbridled passion, non-stop action and plot twists will keep you turning pages well into the night.

My Thoughts:
This is a paranormal romance about witches. There is love at first sight and lots of mystery. There are plenty of unexpected twists to keep you guessing. It gets quite exciting, I just had a bit of trouble connecting with the characters. Maybe it is because Courtney is so mysterious and perfect that she is hard to relate to, and Robbie is so conflicted through most of the book. I had a hard time getting invested in their love story. It is a good story, though. I recommend it for paranormal romance fans who like a story light on steam.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !

My Source: RomCon Judge

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