Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Review: Solomon's Keepers by J.H. Kavanagh

Solomon's Keepers by J.H. Kavanagh

The future is closer than you think.
Imagine the things you most wish you could do: the adventures, the encounters, the indulgences. Imagine someone who can do things the way you dream of doing them. Now imagine that person sending you those experiences, recreating them inside your mind so you live every sensation more vividly than anything in the rest of your life. No effort, no risk, no weight gain – just each and every moment, happening to you.

KomViva: Only losers live their own leisure.

A sensational new entertainment is taking the world by storm. At its heart is Solomon, a microchip implant that is a stolen military secret.
Rees is a young man with a past that is coming to light; the woman they’d forced him to leave has made a shocking discovery and is now on a quest that puts her, the military, and a media empire on collision course. At stake are a tycoon’s ambition, national security, and two young lives.
With time running out, Rees has one final shot at freedom and a crucial decision to make. But how do you save yourself when your mind isn’t entirely your own?

My Thoughts:
I liked this. I thought the story was interesting. Technology that allows users to experience actual sensations experienced by someone else, allowing them to live vicariously through someone else. But the technology was stolen from the military and they are not happy about it. The technology in question is implanted in Rees' brain, which complicates matters and makes things dangerous for him. It is an exciting story, but I had trouble getting into it at first. I found the writing a bit hard to follow. It reads almost like a movie in that it is very visual, but takes a while before things are really explained and I was confused for a while. The shifting of tense and POV threw me at first as well. Once I got into the story, though, I enjoyed it. I would recommend.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!
*Notes: Some profanity.

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