Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: The Last Lord of Paradise (#1) by Vivian LeMay

The Last Lord of Paradise- Generation One: Jeanne and Anton by Vivian LeMay

It is 1766, the Marquise Jeanne Reneau takes one last look at the outside world––at the gleaming jade current of a river called Le Détroit, before a stroke of the canoe’s paddle pulls her into a curtain of roiling dark fog. She is terrified of this vast swamp called the Marais Foncé, but her Anton lives somewhere beyond the fog.

Since the moment she met Anton Gauchere nine years ago––even as he remained thousands of leagues away––-his presence dominated Jeanne’s mind and heart. Now, after nine years of waiting for him to return from the war in New France, she has thrown off family, title and the comfortable life of a noblewoman in France, to join him in the wilderness called North America.

Jeanne is joyous when she meets Anton again and happy to accept life in the French Canadian village he founded. Anton has named it Paradis (Heaven) and she thinks it a fitting name. Hidden from the outside by the Marais Foncé and a ridge of gray rock, Paradis is lush with wheat and pea fields, and soon the white sails of Anton’s windmill will fill the sky. Her life is perfect.

On the day she arrives the inhabitants of Paradis get down on one knee and take an Oath of Fealty to the founder of their community. Pronouncing Anton Seigneur (Lord) of Paradis, they all vow, “To remain forever isolated, peaceful and French.”

Their adoration of her husband does not surprise Jeanne. Everyone adored Anton…except for Papa…and…

My Thoughts:
This was a quick read. I was immediately pulled into Jeanne's story as she moves from her comfortable home in France to the settlement that her husband has founded. It is a tough life and a tragic story. This is the beginning of a family saga that follows six generations and I was left wondering if there is hope in the future generations, or if they will follow the same pattern. The story had a bit of a supernatural edge and I wonder if it was due to the superstitious nature of the people or if there was something more to it. This was a complete story on its own, though there are plenty of questions to explore in future books. I recommend this, especially if you are a fan of historical fiction.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !

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