Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: The Avenged by Charles Prandy

The Avenged by Charles Prandy

The Detective

D.C. Homicide Detective Jacob Hayden investigates the murder of a seventeen-year old kid who was shot point blank in the chest. There were no witnesses to the murder. Detective Hayden’s investigation leads him to a storage facility where he finds three crates full of something he never expected seeing…

The Sniper

The Sniper sits on top of a building with a Parker-Hale M85 rifle aimed at Dupont Circle’s park. He scans the perimeter from right to left until he sees his target. When he sees him, he steadies his aim and takes the shot. But what happens next, even the Sniper wasn’t prepared for…

The Judge

Prominent Superior Court Judge Frank Peters’ business operations take a hit when one of his partners is murdered in Dupont Circle. The murder investigation, led by Detective Hayden, threatens the very core of the Judge’s business…

Follow Detective Hayden on a thrill ride of an investigation that links the Sniper and the Judge to an underground operation that ultimately changes Detective Hayden’s life forever…

My Thoughts:
The prologue opens right into the action and caught my attention. Chapter one jumps back five months to the beginning of a murder investigation and the whole time I kept thinking back to the prologue, wondering how Detective Jacob Hayden ended up where he did.  The story is fast-paced and the mystery is complex. There are some surprising twists that kept me reading, anticipating where the story was going. I definitely recommend this for mystery and thriller lovers. I also suspect a sequel.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!
*Notes: Strong language, graphic violence.

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