Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Madman Dreams Book 1: Reanimated

Madman Dreams Book One: Reanimated by Keith Ferstl

After suffering the loss of his family from an avian flu pandemic, seventeen-year-old Jonathan Chaulk meets McKenna Dupree, the girl of his dreams. Living in a remote cabin on Bear Claw Island, Jonathan’s sole neighbor is the mysterious Phoenix Institute. With the heart and soul of an intrepid adventurer, Jonathan’s surreptitious exploration of the Institute’s underbelly reveals shocking and deadly secrets that renowned resident scientist, Dr. Sandor Serpa cannot allow to be exposed. Thanks to the murderous act of the madman, Jonathan discovers that his one chance to save McKenna’s life will come only after her death.

My Thoughts:
I found myself pulled into Jonathan's story. He has lost his family and living on his own out in the middle of nowhere.Then he meets McKenna and makes a friend...possibly more than a friend? Her stepfather is the head of the institute and they get wrapped up in the mystery of what is happening there. Soon, McKenna's life is in danger and he puts his own life on the line to save her. There is action and mystery, a bit of romance, and the experiments bring up some thought-provoking moral questions. I am curious to see what the second book has in store. It is YA, but adults will enjoy it as well, especially lovers of sci-fi.
P. S. Why have I never heard of iceboating? I thought it sounded cool and I had to Google it to see if it was a real thing. And I live in Wisconsin.

My Rating: ****

Where to get it:
Barnes & Noble

About the Author:
Keith Ferstl was inspired as a young boy to write his first story about a planet-munching monster after reading a story his father had written in his teen years. His dad always had a book within easy reach, influencing Keith’s love of books. His experience includes acting and playwriting. His play, HOW TO START AT THE BOTTOM AND STAY THERE, a comedy, won the Masque of Temple Terrace’s national playwriting contest. ROARIN' JUDY: DEAD OR ALIVE, starring Dawn Truax, was produced by Tampa’s Stageworks, Inc. His interactive murder mysteries, co-produced with Peggy Kehoe, amused and entertained guests at the Gibson Inn in Apalachicola, Florida, and other cities for many years. He and his wife live in Tampa. With ten grown children—his, hers, and theirs, plus five dogs and two cats, he still appears to be sane. He looks forward to entertaining his readers with the debut of his first two books in the series: Madman Dreams, Book One: Reanimated and Madman Dreams, Book Two: Revenge.

Where to find the author:
Keith Ferstl
Madman Dreams Series

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