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Review: Lunara: Gwen and Eamonn by Wyatt Davenport

Lunara: Gwen and Eamonn by Wyatt Davenport

In book two of the Lunara Series, Mars is in turmoil. The Martian Supremacy Authority conquered Mars through treachery and deceit, and relegated the Alliance to the lunar colony of Lunara. The Alliance's victory on Lunara was short-lived as the threat of the MSA's influence has spread across the solar system.

Parker McCloud and Eamonn Dalton have been charged with conducting a pair of perilous missions that will lead the Alliance one step closer to victory. Parker wrestles with his sense of honor and must decide whether he can defy his wife, the leader of the Alliance, and bring a secret, and controversial, starship to the Alliance's side, while Eamonn Dalton seeks vengeance against the MSA for their role in killing his beloved Madelyn.

Within the MSA, Gwen Arwell is caught between her loyalty to her father, her commitment to the crew of the Protector, and her love for Seth Smith. When Seth's promise to rescue her is interrupted by his need to ensure the safety of his true love Chloe Jones, Gwen must decide what is most important to her.

For the crew of the Protector, tough choices must be made in order the fight the evil that seeks to tear them apart.

My Thoughts:
This is the second book of Lunara Original Trilogy. I liked this one even better than the first. (Here is my review for Seth and Chloe, if you missed it. You can get it FREE.) In the first book, the setting and characters are established, so in this book there is more room to explore the characters. There is conflict between people who were once friends. Loyalties are tested. People who used to be friends are now enemies. There is lots of action, conflict, and betrayal.
I don't recommend reading this book without reading the first because it doesn't really stand alone. When something was mentioned about Sarah having kids, I had to look back to the first book to figure out where they came from because I couldn't remember. I did like this book, though. It is an exciting, clean, space adventure story that takes place in our solar system. I definitely recommend it.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !

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