Sunday, January 19, 2020

Proofreading Services

Are you writing a book or short story? You want it to be perfect before it gets to readers. Nothing takes a reader out of a story like typos and inconsistencies.

I help authors make their projects the best they can be by eliminating typos, fixing spelling and grammar errors, and checking for consistency and clarity in order to ensure a good experience readers.

I proofread and copyedit fiction and nonfiction works. Fiction genres include mystery, suspense, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, crime, horror, speculative fiction, literary fiction, paranormal, romance, and erotica. Nonfiction specialties are memoir, biography, education, parenting, family, popular culture, and crafts.

I can also prepare documents by non-American or non-native English speakers for an American audience by fixing awkward phrasing and picking out non-American words, phrases, and spelling.

My goal is to preserve the author's voice wherever possible. 
I make straightforward changes using track changes, while making comments with questions or suggestions for less obvious situations.

My standard references are The Chicago Manual of Style and Webster's Dictionary. I can also work with your style guide or personal preferences.

Pricing: $10 per 1000 words.

​Contact me today for a sample edit.
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