Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Untamed Earl by Valerie Bowman - Blog Tour Review

Lady Alexandra Hobbs, the daughter of the Duke of Huntley, has intended to marry Lord Owen Monroe since she first glimpsed him from the window of her bedchamber, back when she was just a girl. But the duke has already chosen Alex’s infamously spoiled elder sister, Lavinia, for Owen. And now there’s no turning back.

Owen has spent most of his bachelor years drinking, gambling, and skirt-chasing. He won’t see another pound from his parents, however, until he’s engaged to Lavinia. Desperate, he accepts an offer from her innocent and spirited—and absolutely beautiful—sister Alex: She will turn him into a perfectly tamed suitor, and show him how to woo the shrew. But when Alex’s true motives come to light, will their bargain lead to recriminations—or to a romance that defies everyone’s expectations?


My Thoughts:
Could not stop reading. Alex is such a great character. She is 15 years old when she decides who she is going to marry. When she has the chance years later to spend some time with him, she doesn't pass up the chance. So she has to do some lying. Oh, well. She fits in great with Owen's sister Cass and her friends, Lucy and Jane. This book is a lot of fun, like the rest of the series. I loved it. This book stands alone, but if you've read the other books in the series, it is fun to revisit the old characters. A fun historical romance.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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About the author:
VALERIE BOWMAN was an RT Reviewers Choice Award nominee for Best Historical Novel 2013 in the category of Love and Laughter for SECRETS OF A RUNAWAY BRIDE, and in the category of Best First Historical in 2012 for SECRETS OF A WEDDING NIGHT! She has been featured as a bride on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, and in guest posts for USA Today’s Happily Ever After and Publishers Weekly’s Beyond Her Blog. She’s received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist while also becoming a top pick for Romance Reviews Today, Fresh Fiction, and (Bookseller Best Picks) with SECRETS OF A SCANDALOUS MARRIAGE. Valerie has recently been nominated for the 2014 Kirkus Prize with THE UNEXPECTED DUCHESS.

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  1. Thank you so much! It was great to see you in MKE!

    1. You're welcome! I loved the book. It was nice chatting with you. :)


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