Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My Daring Duchess by Julie Johnstone Release Day Blitz: Excerpt, Giveaway, and Review

Comment on this post to win your choice of any ebook of the first three Once Upon a Rogue books by Julie Johnstone! Just answer the question: Have you ever hatched a plan of revenge?

When a lady bent on ruining rogues and a duke set on revenge attempt to derail each other’s plans, passion erupts into a love for the ages.

After being left brokenhearted by a duplicitous rake, Anne Adair no longer desires a husband—she wants justice. She’s traded in her foolish dream of happily-ever-after for the much more sensible one of thwarting the blackhearted lords who prey on innocent debutantes. But her first mission proves rather complicated when the dashing, devilish Duke of Kilmartin comes to the aid of her target.

Simon Sedgewick, the newly titled Duke of Kilmartin, never thought he would return to England, let alone attend a ball full of simpering lords. But when his oldest friend’s reputation is being smeared and Simon discovers that the perpetrator is none other than his enemy’s granddaughter, his long-festering desire for vengeance flares to life.

The moment Simon spies Miss Anne Adair across the glittering ballroom, he knows that the ravishing beauty is the perfect instrument for the retribution he thought lost to him. He does not know, however, that Anne has devised a scheme of her own. And soon, these two wary hearts will discover that the best laid plans are no match for love.

Frustrated with her continued inability to control her reactions to him, Anne blurted, “Why are you intent on seducing me, Simon? Do you need my fortune? Or do you simply want to add it to your own?”

Simon’s eyes widened, and he appeared honestly shocked. His arm stiffened against her back, yet he did not move it. “I neither need nor want yer fortune,” he said. “Is it truly so hard for ye to believe a man would want to seduce ye simply for ye and ye alone? Yer wit and yer beauty make for a very enticing combination.”

It was as if Simon had delved into her secret thoughts and discovered the one thing she had long hoped for but had abandoned. A spark of her old, foolish dream lit within her, even though she knew Simon was speaking only of seduction and not of love. Still, after years of feeling less than desirable, to have this man, the Adonis, tell her he desired her for simply her… Well, it made her heart skip several beats. She was not made of stone, after all.

My Thoughts:
I loved this one. Anne was deceived by a rogue and wants to help other young ladies from making the same mistake. Simon was falsely accused of doing the same thing, but sets out to seduce Anne for revenge. As they get to know one another, plans change. I loved both characters, and the story. It wrapped up pretty quickly in the end, but left me satisfied.

My Rating: *****
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