Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review: So Screwed by Melissa Marino

He's charming, wicked, and handsome . . . and she needs to stay away

For Evelyn Owen, work comes first. Being a wedding planner to the city's elite fills her nights and weekends, and she doesn't have time for distractions. Especially in the form of a sexy bartender with killer dimples . . .

Abel Matthews knows how to serve the ladies. But lately, the only woman he wants is just out of reach. That's because Evelyn has already been warned about his playboy ways. Still, there's something about her that makes Abel want more than a quick fling.

Evelyn knows that she shouldn't trust Abel. Yet she's seen a side of him no one else knows, and she can't turn away. But Abel is hiding something from her . . . and if he doesn't confess soon, it will tear them apart.

My Thoughts:
I stayed up too late to finish this one. I couldn't stop reading until everything was okay. I loved Abel. There's more to him than he normally lets people see. Evelyn was fantastic as well. She's very focused and strong and won't let Abel get away with anything. They just fit so well, though they both had their insecurities. And keeping secrets never ends well. I just loved these two together. I read So Twisted and thought they were great characters. While each book stands alone, I highly recommend that one as well.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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