Thursday, November 17, 2016

Review: Gathering Ashes by Michael Shean

Four years have passed since Bobbi January learned about the existence of the Yathi race and its plans for humanity. Since then, she ‘s become more than a career data thief or anticorporate provacateur - she’s the leader of a force of humans and reformed Yathi hosts dedicated to fighting the aliens wherever they can be found. Hers is a war fought in the dark, and like all wars, it has been costly. Friends have died, others have soured, and the rebellion that started out so strongly has broken into two embittered camps. When Bobbi is nearly killed by a surprise strike after a successful mission, it looks as though the Yathi may be the least of her problems.

Meanwhile, Thomas Walken, held prisoner by the Yathi since his capture six years previous, awakens. Escaping from an alien installation, he must grapple with a body - and perhaps a mind - that is not his own, and try to reclaim the humanity which the Yathi’s have so vigorously tried to scrub from his mind. Hunted by the Mother of Systems, he aims to reconnect with Bobbi, but will she accept him as a man, or denounce him as a creation of the enemy?

Packed with action, intrigue, and dark futuristic thrills, Gathering Ashes transports you to the very edge of a dangerously uncertain future.

My Thoughts:
This was a long one but still managed to leave me wanting more. This is the third book in the series and you definitely want to start from the beginning. There are some very compelling, complex characters. Bobbi is my favorite. We see a bit of her wit in this one, but mainly she is trying to keep her group together. She's a leader now and a good one. She wants to take out the Yathi, but she'll also do anything to keep her people safe. And now Tom Walken is back, which is great, but he's something else now, and he's having trouble coming to terms with it himself. Overall an exciting read with plenty of big, futuristic weapons, explosions, and deaths. I certainly hope to see the next book soon.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !
Language, graphic gore.

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