Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Charming Voodoo by Tonya Kappes - Scavenger Hunt Tour, Review, and Giveaway


Bubble. . . bubble. . .
Whispering Falls is abuzz with the new
housing development and new shops
popping up all over the magical
village right before the annual All
Hallow’s Eve celebration.

Cures and trouble. . .
June Heal’s intuition
is on high alert and she just can’t shake
that something bad is about to happen.

Magic stirs . . .
June finds Violet Draper standing over a dead body
In the new pumpkin patch hours before it’s supposed
to open for hayrides.

And trouble doubles . . .
Once again, June has to put her sleuthing skills to work
and figure out who the real killer is before the new
citizens pack up and move right back out of town.

My Thoughts:

I love this series, though I've missed a few books. I was able to catch up pretty easily. There are some great characters in this series. I love June in particular. In this book Whispering Falls is welcoming some new people to the community. Then there is a murder. There are plenty of suspects. June uses her witchy intuition to figure it out. A fun mystery read with magic.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !

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What's your favorite Halloween costume? (For yourself, or one you've seen.)  This year I'm making my 7 year old daughter a Captain America costume this year with a sparkly tutu! Definitely the most fun costume I've made. 


  1. I don't dress up anymore so now it's all about my grandsons. This year my oldest is gonna be Olaf and the youngest hasn't decided yet! As long as they have fun that's all that matters.

    1. I do love to see the little ones have fun. :)

  2. My favorite costume was my son's...he was the Phantom of the Opera complete with half mask, top hat, gloves and a cape! He looked great.

  3. My favorite I dressed in was 50's sock hop girl my mother made me a poodle skirt and I had one of the old althletic style sweaters

  4. My favorite is my daughter's costume this year. She is dressing up as Alvin from Alvin and The Chipmunks! Her Aunt is making the costume

  5. Saw a little one dressed as a Transformer last year. He was so cute.

  6. Back in college, I dressed up as the wicked written from Snow White, black velvet cape and all!

  7. My favorite is when I dressed my kids up as Minnie and Mickey Mouse.

  8. pink panther it was so warm^^


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