Monday, May 23, 2016

Historical Romance Review: Much Ado About Highlanders by May McGoldrick

In the heart of Scotland, this Highlander is about to meet his match in a brand new romance from bestseller May McGoldrick.

Highland warrior Alexander Macpherson has lost his wife. When he agreed to take Kenna Mackay as his bride to advance his clan’s power in the north, he expected a bit of an adjustment. He didn't expect the sharp-tongued beauty to run away on their wedding night. Still, Alexander wants his runaway bride…and he has the sneaking suspicion that she wants him, too.

Kenna Mackay thought she was safe in a priory full of nuns learning the craft of healing, but when she is kidnapped by her own husband, the battle of wits begins anew. But even as passions ignite, a deadly secret from Kenna's past rises to the surface and put their new love in jeopardy. As a heartless villain closes in, two headstrong lovers find themselves locked in a struggle between evil and the power of undying love. And this time, Alexander is determined he will not lose his wife again.

My Thoughts:
I liked Kenna and Alexander. They seemed perfect for each other, even though she ran away from him when they first married and hid at a convent. I loved their banter. She has a talent for healing. He is an experienced fighter. They have to work together to keep her safe. She is being hunted and now that he has his wife again, Alexander isn't letting anything happen to her. There is a secondary love story as well, which I enjoyed. I wasn't all that satisfied by the ending, but it is part of a trilogy so I'm sure the story will continue. I'm interested to see what happens.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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