Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Review: Her Fierce Warrior by Paige Tyler


The woman tensed. As anger and fear ricocheted across her face, her eyes changed from red to green to brown in a dizzying display like nothing he'd ever seen.
Every instinct in Angelo's body screamed at him to lunge for his weapon. Instead he set his feet for impact, blocking her slashing claws. Unbelievably, after a few moments of struggling, she went still, all the fight gone...
Minka isn't sure she should trust the sexy Special Forces soldier who found her. Subjected to horrors, on the run from scientists set on locking her in a cage, Minka is terrified of the monster she's becoming...and somehow, Angelo is the only one who can calm the beast inside her and make her feel safe.
But can she trust the way he makes her feel when she's not even sure she can trust herself?
X-Ops Series:
Her Perfect Mate
Her Lone Wolf
Her Secret Agent
Her Wild Hero
Her Fierce Protector
Praise for Paige Tyler's X-Ops series:
"This series gets better and better."-RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ Stars
"Wow, just wow!"-Fresh Fiction

My Thoughts:
This one starts out intense. Angelo had a tough past and now he's in Special Forces. He helps Minka. Minka as been experimented on and now she's a hybrid, with a beast inside her that she can't control. Angelo is the only one who can calm the beast. Minka and Angelo are adorable. Just a really cute couple. This is a great series. Full of action and suspense and steamy romance. This one is particularly sweet, though. Loved it.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!

My Source: Netgalley

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