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Review: Once Upon a Spy by Sheridan Jeane

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Publication Date: November 17, 2015 
Also in this series: It Takes a Spy, Lady Catherine's Secret 

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Synopsis: London, 1854 ~ Robert, Earl of Wentworth, isn’t a spy, and he never wants to be one, but when his brother is injured and needs his help stealing an important book from the Russian embassy, he can’t refuse.
Antonia has lost everything. If she wants her life back, she needs that book. The problem is, Lord Wentworth just stole it from the Russian Ambassador. The reluctant spy and the daring thief find themselves at cross-purposes. Who will win in this dangerous game of nations— especially when their hearts are at stake as well?
Note: Although this is the third book in the series, it can be read as a standalone novel. For those who have read the first two books, you'll rediscover characters from both of them.

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- Antonia stole the book from Lord Wentworth and believes she managed to escape without him discovering her identity. She's at a soiree later that evening when she turns around to discover he's there as well.

    Antonia’s eyes went wide.

     Lord Wentworth was stalking across the room directly toward her. 

     “Miss Winter,” he said, taking her hand and lifting it to his lips.

     He pressed a soft kiss against her skin, just above the spot where her glove ended. A shiver cascaded down her spine. 

     “I must compliment you on a superb performance," he murmured. "You were quite lovely when disguised as a young boy, and surprisingly believable. I would never have guessed you could fool me so easily.”

     She recalled her deception at the embassy and blushed.

     Lady Lydia let out a snort of disdain. “She’s fooled many over the years. Ask her about her parents.” She turned on her heel and stalked away.
The sting of Lydia’s sharp tongue left Antonia speechless for a moment. Even after a year, words could still wound her. She needed to pull herself together. She inhaled sharply and then gave Lord Wentworth one of her most brilliant smiles. “Thank you for your generous praise. I always enjoy that particular role. It isn’t often I have the opportunity to dress as a boy.”

     “Your character in Anne Blake was such a sweet, innocent young girl. Quite different from this one.”

     Her smile faltered.

     “I saw it tonight. I was relieved when I heard you’d be able to take the stage. Imagine my disappointment if I hadn’t caught you tonight.”

     She opened her mouth and then closed it again. “How did you find me?”
He gave her a slow, easy smile. “When I saw the show poster with your image, I found I couldn’t resist coming to see you.”

     “The posters.” She closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh of frustration. “I’d forgotten about them.”

WiLoveBooks Review:

I have enjoyed all of the books in this series, though it is not necessary to read any of the others to enjoy them as they all stand alone. In this book Antonia and Robert are both after the same book for different reasons.Robert is helping his brother who is a spy and needs the book for the Queen. Antonia needs it to help take care of her sisters. They have to work together to get it back. This was a fun read. 

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!!

Also in the Secrets and Seduction series...

It Takes a Spy...Book #1

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It Takes a Spy... by Sheridan Jeane Secrets and Seduction 
Publication Date: November 1, 2014 
Also in this series: Lady Catherine's Secret, Once Upon a Spy 
Genres: Historical, Romance
In 1851, Cecilia Paring has serious reservations about marrying her fiancé, Devin Montlake. Gone is the boy who could capture her heart with a word or a glance and in his place is a man who has made it clear that to be a proper barrister's wife, the exciting and impulsive Cecilia must change as well. Although Devin Montlake loves his orderly life as a barrister, he's determined to follow his roadmap to achieve his goal of becoming a judge. His biggest obstacle seems to be convincing his headstrong fiancée to fulfill her social obligations with a modicum of propriety. But when the jewelry collection belonging to Cecilia's family is stolen the night before it is to be auctioned off and Devin is framed for the crime, he discovers that following his much-loved rules won't solve this particular problem. He'll need the inventiveness of his irrepressible fiancée to catch the thief.

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Lady Catherine's Secret Book #2

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Lady Catherine's Secret by Sheridan Jeane Secrets and Seduction #2 
Publication Date: December 1, 2014 
Also in this series: It Takes a Spy, Once Upon a Spy 

Synopsis: London, 1853

Despite Lady Catherine's love of fencing, she needs to stop pretending to be a boy and fraternizing with men…but not until after the fencing tournament! Her mother plans to marry her off by the end of the season, so this will be her last chance to enjoy her freedom. When she impulsively puts her reputation at risk to save the life of a dashing competitor, all seems lost when he sees through her disguise, but he vows never to reveal her secret. Thank goodness for gentlemanly honor! Daniel, Marquess of Huntley, wants to overcome the rumors of his father's madness so that he can be embraced by London society. His plan is to marry the most proper woman who will have him, and then raise stable, respectable children. He certainly isn't interested in some hoyden with a penchant for masquerading as a boy and flaunting society's rules. In fact, he'd prefer to keep his distance. When an obsessed suitor discovers Catherine's secret and threatens blackmail, the only path out of social ruin is marriage. But what kind of protection does matrimony provide when a vengeful suitor is plotting the ultimate revenge?

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Sheridan Jeane
Sheridan Jeane writes exciting and emotion-packed historical romances set in the Victorian Era that confront issues of trust and conformity. With the advent of the industrial age, life was changing. Many people tried to hold on to the old ways of life while others embraced the new opportunities open to them. Join Sheridan as she explores the clash between the old and the new. Sheridan has always loved books, history, and stories about amazing people who blaze new trails. Despite naming their daughter Sheridan because they thought it might someday look great on the cover of a book, Sheridan's parents urged her in a more practical direction for college. Sheridan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in English.

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