Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: A Charming Cure by Tonya Kappes


Psychic June Heal's homeopathic cure shop, A Charming Cure, is the most popular shop in the unusual little town of Whispering Falls, Kentucky.

Cures and trouble...

June is about to learn she has more than psychic abilities when she attends Hidden Hall, A Spiritualist University, leaving her shop in the hands of handsome sheriff Oscar Park.
Hidden Hall has an internal war between the Good-Siders and the Dark-Siders, putting June in the middle.

Magic stirs...

Hidden Hall is riddled with every type of spiritualist. Magic is lurking around every corner, even black-magic.
Unfortunately, the Ultimate Spell gets into the wrong hands. But it is only discovered after a few spiritualists go missing or end up poisoned to death.

And troubles double...

Madam Torres, June's crystal ball, reveals that A Charming Cure is in shambles along with the rest of Whispering Falls.
Will June figure out who has the Ultimate Spell and stop them before they destroy the entire spiritualist community?

My Thoughts:
This is a cute series. I love the magic and how June is learning more about it, including how to use her powers. June is fun, although she has an unhealthy obsession with ding dongs. Does she ever eat anything else? The mystery in this one was a little more predictable than the first. The story a bit more jumbled than the first. Rushed maybe. The June/Oscar thing was a little hard for me to believe because they're hardly together in this book. You definitely need to have read the first book for it to make sense. I do want to read the next book. These are very enjoyable and I look forward to seeing where the story goes from here.  

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !

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