Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Review: Why Lords Lose Their Hearts by Manda Collins


The Truth Could Ruin Her

Perdita, the widowed Duchess of Ormond, keeps a dangerous secret—the truth of how her brutish husband died. But a mysterious avenger seems to know it, too, and when anonymous threats turn into public attacks, there’s only one friend she can turn to for help—her husband’s former secretary, Lord Archer Lisle. The man who witnessed her every heartache. The kind of man whose love she can only dream of…

Will His Love Save Her?

The youngest of the Duke of Pemberton’s five sons, Lord Archer Lisle is used to waiting his turn. For years, he could only stand by, seething, as Perdita suffered at the hands of her husband, but now she’s under threat from another source—one who will stop at nothing to make her pay for the late duke’s death. But the good-natured Archer can be dangerous when crossed—and he’ll do anything to keep the woman he’s adored for so long safe in his arms…

My Thoughts:
I came in at the end of this series. Perdita, her sister, and her friend were all there when her husband died and they know the truth. Someone else knows what happened last season as well and is trying to make the trio pay. Perdita is the last and she seems to be getting the worst of it. Lord Archer was her husband's secretary. He is also in love with her. Perdita doesn't want to make the mistake of marrying someone that will treat her like her first husband and doesn't trust her judgement so she is seeking a husband she couldn't possibly fall in love with. She makes me a little crazy with her reasoning, but I guess I can see where she is coming from. Archer is a sweet guy and he just wants to win her over. I loved getting to meet Archer's family. This is an enjoyable and steamy historical romance.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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