Monday, February 2, 2015

Whipped by Karpov Kinrade - Release Day Review

AVAILABLE TODAY: Whipped (Hitched #2) by Karpov Kinrade!

Vi: If you can’t sell a dildo in Vegas, you’re doing it wrong. That’s why I opened Whipped–a sex toy store. Because sex and Sin City go together like… well, like sex and Sin City.

I’ve seen everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–which is why the guy who comes in every week with a new flavor of arm candy buying yet another set of sex toys doesn’t surprise me. But when he becomes my new roommate, well…

Lachlan: I’m a male stripper. I’m not ashamed of it–in fact, I fucking love it. I turn girls on five nights a week. With a stare. With a sway of the hips. Then I take them home and fuck their brains out. I live by three rules: No commitments. No falling in love. Only mind-blowing orgasms.

Now I want more.

But Vi isn’t interested in a fuck buddy, and I’ve never been one to stick to a single girl.

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But when you live here full time…

That’s when things really get interesting.

Whipped (Vi’s story) is a sexy, full-length, standalone romance in the Hitched series. These books can be read in any order, but you might also enjoy Hitched, the first book in this series.

Content Warning: This book contains sex, swearing… and did we mention sex? Lots of sex. And abs. And Australian accents.


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WiLoveBooks Review:
I loved this one. Vi sells adult toys and occasionally takes clients as a Dom. Her last relationship didn't work out and she's still recovering from that. Lachlan is a frequent customer who comes into her store with a different girl every time. Sure, he's hot, but she doesn't want to go there. Not to mention she normally goes for the submissive type. This is just so funny. And there is just something about a player who finds the right woman and forgets about all other women. There is plenty of steam, but plenty of laughs as well. I loved their dates. Just fun. I liked this one as much as Hitched. You don't have to have read Hitched, but we do get a nice glimpse of Kacie and Sebastian. I recommend this series if you like romance that is steamy and funny.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!
Notes: Language.

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