Saturday, November 29, 2014

Burden of Souls: Hawker's Drift Book 1 by Andy Monk

Small Town, Dark Heart…

A long way from anywhere, on a road going nowhere, lays a small, unremarkable town. It seems a peaceable, prosperous little place, on the surface at least. Away from prying eyes however, in the shadows and the forgotten corners, there is a web being weaved through the lives of its inhabitants by the town’s urbane and mysterious Mayor. A man prepared to make a deal for your heart's desire and, maybe, for your very soul…

Welcome to Hawker’s Drift, a town where nothing is quite as it seems…

My Thoughts:
Intriguing story about a mysterious little town. The point of view switches between the different characters in the town such as the gunslinger, the widow, the songbird. We slowly learn about the characters and their backgrounds and they help us to get the big picture. This is the kind of story that, even though you're not quite sure what's happening, you can't help but want to read on. Plenty of little twists that assure you that even though you think you have things figured out, you have no idea. Excellent read. Reminded me of a Stephen King novel.  I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!
Language, rape.

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