Thursday, July 3, 2014

Review: Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lady Emma Wells-Finch, the oh-so-proper headmistress of England's St. Gertrude's School for Girls, knows only one thing will save her from losing everything she holds dear: complete and utter disgrace! Skirts flying, umbrella pointing, and beautiful mouth issuing orders, she arrives in Texas on a mission ... She has two weeks to lose her reputation.

World famous playboy-athlete Kenny Traveler has been suspended from the sport he loves. Now only one thing can restore his career: complete and utter respectability! Unfortunately, he's been blackmailed into chauffeuring bossy, single-minded Lady Emma, who's hell-bent on visiting honky-tonks and tattoo parlours ... and worse. Lots worse.

When a gorgeous man who can't afford another scandal meets a hardheaded woman who's determined to cause one, anything can happen. But love? Oh dear, that's impossible, outrageous ... inevitable!

My Thoughts:
I loved everything about this book. It is so funny, I was already laughing out loud during the first chapter. The characters are so much fun. Kenny Traveler has fun pretending to be dumb and lazy. He gets suspended from PGA for a scandal when golf is his whole life. He agrees to help Emma because he is trying to get back on the tour. Lady Emma thinks she can escape from a bad situation back in England by ruining her reputation. They meet through a friend and sparks fly, though their personalities are completely opposite.  A cute, fun read. Can't believe I missed this one earlier.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!

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