Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review: A Christmas of Coal and Mistletoe by Bobbi Romans

Cathy’s hit that 'married for so long' slump and coupled with the news she can't have children, grows distant and confused in her marriage. When her adoring husband Dan surprises her with a Twelve Days of Christmas trip, she hopes this might be the fix she’s been looking for.

All is well and spicy complete with Partridges in Pear Trees—or at least, owls on totems poles—until a cryptic text arrives on his cell.

A text that might end their marriage for good.

But a tragic freeway accident has Cathy re-evaluating what's most important in life. As things become midnight clear, the only question left is whether she is too late, or if just maybe she'll get all she wants for Christmas after all.

My Thoughts:
Cathy and Dan have been married for a while and they've hit a slump. They love each other, but lately they're just going through the motions. Then Dan surprises her with a trip. They end up working on their relationship. A realistic and hopeful holiday story that is appropriate for any time of year. Short but packs an emotional punch. A good, quick, emotional read. 

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!!
*Notes: Language

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  1. Thank you! This one was very special to me. One of the first contemporaries written. So glad you liked their story.


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