Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review: Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder by Tara Mills

Accidents Make the Heart Grow Fonder by Tara Mills

Sabrina Eckhart is losing it. Oasis, the restaurant she manages is getting battered by a trendy newcomer, and with everyone looking to her for ideas, you could say she's under a little pressure. But wait, that's not all. Her evil landlady has given her until the end of the month to vacate her crummy apartment. And her thirtieth birthday is looming, reminding her of the milestones she's missed No wonder she’s distracted and driving off the rails…down the sidewalk, and nearly running over the man with amazing glutes.

Jackson Murphy is an avid jogger, and the local television station’s scrumptious news director--if he can keep the job. Unfortunately, he has one year to resuscitate their wheezing news department or the owners are going to pull the plug. His hands are already full even without Sabrina dropping into them. The last thing he needs is to be involved with a publicity stunt.

The road to love is bumpy. It’ll take all of Cupid's arrows, and a lot of interference from friends, for these two to win the Dating Game.

My Thoughts:
I loved this! I was hooked by chapter one. Sabrina is mesmerized by the buns of a jogger and as she is staring, she nearly runs him over with the car. Then she is staring at the rear end of another patron in line at the gas station and it turns out to be the same guy. They keep accidentally meeting and most of the time he ends up injured. What makes it funnier is that Sabrina is not normally a klutz, bad things just happen when they are together. Naturally Jackson wants nothing to do with her, so how to they end up together? You just have to read to find out. The characters are very easy to like and this is just a fun read. If you like romantic comedy at all, this one is a keeper.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!

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  1. Thank you for your wonderful review. I'm thrilled that you loved this screwball romantic comedy as much as I do.

    1. You're welcome! It was so fun to read. :)


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