Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: In Too Deep by Michelle Kemper Brownlow

In Too Deep by Michelle Kemper Brownlow

Gracie has just finished her freshman year of college in Memphis when she takes a job at a local pizza joint in her home town of McKenzie, Tennessee. She is the epitome of innocence when she meets Noah. Noah is unabashedly handsome, intriguingly reckless and just cocky enough to be sexy. Gracie’s instincts tell her to stay far away from him and based on the stories she hears from her co-workers he leaves broken hearts in his wake. But still, she can’t explain her fascination with him.
Noah puts aside his bad boy ways when what he thought was a summer crush has him unexpectedly falling in love. But soon after Gracie transfers to UT Knoxville to be with Noah, their unexpected love becomes riddled with anger, deceit and humiliation.
Jake, Noah’s former roommate and Gracie’s best friend, can no longer be a bystander. Gracie’s world falls out from beneath her and when she breaks she turns to Jake for strength. As Jake talks her through a decision she’s not yet strong enough to make, together they uncover a truth so ugly neither of them is prepared for its fallout. Will Jake pull her to the surface or is Gracie Jordan finally In Too Deep?

My Thoughts:
Definitely an emotional book. About a toxic relationship, this book provoked feelings of anger, disgust, and frustration. Gracie seemed so weak and I was waiting for her to grow a backbone. It is easy to judge when it's not you in that situation. These types of relationships do happen and this book shows Gracie's thoughts and feelings and it really made me think. I could have done without the drowning metaphor. I understood it, but at first I thought she was having flashbacks to an actual drowning. I ended up skipping those parts after a while because they weren't really necessary. I did like the book and I think there are many young women who should read it because it has a powerful and important message.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!
*Notes: Strong language, underage drinking, drug use, emotional abuse

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Where to get it:
Releases June 6, 2013 Sapphire Star Publishing

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