Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Find My Baby by Mitzi Pool Bridges

Find My Baby by Mitzi Pool Bridges

Someone stole her baby. That same someone wants her dead.

Pregnant Kayla Hunter is eagerly awaiting her child's arrival when she's kidnapped and forced to give birth in captivity. Kayla escapes her prison and certain death, only to have the police think she's trying to cover up killing her own child. Just one man agrees to help find her son, and he stirs feelings she can't afford.

Houston homicide detective Luke Garrett can't turn away from the beautiful brunette with unforgettable blue eyes, no matter how wild her story. Before long, he's falling for her, but Luke knows he doesn't stand a chance of winning her love until they find her son.

As people connected with the case turn up dead, Luke realizes that whoever stole her baby is still after Kayla. Can they find her baby before the trail grows cold, or will the killer find them first?

My Thoughts:
I was grabbed right away by the mystery and the action. Kayla has been kidnapped, her baby stolen, and someone is trying to kill her. She has no friends or family to turn to but an aunt she has never actually met. She needs to find her baby and stay alive. Enter Luke. He's a cop, but the son of her aunt's best friend. The steam factor in this one is low, but there is still plenty of heat. The attraction is there, causing lots of tension, but she is trying to find her missing baby and her priorities are elsewhere. The mystery is engrossing and pulled me in. I needed to find out what happened to the baby, too. And Luke is great.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!

My Source: RomCon judge

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