Friday, February 15, 2013

Review: Where Did We Go Wrong Again? by Monica Mathis-Stowe

Where Did We Go Wrong Again? by Monica Mathis-Stowe


Forgiveness is the pulse that sustains all friendships.The most anticipated sequel of the year...Where Did We Go Wrong? left readers asking, “Who got shot?” Where Did We Go Wrong Again? continues immediately after the shooting. One of the beloved central characters is critically wounded and another is murdered. The bonds of friendship and love are tested after the tragedy causes all involved to make irrational decisions that complicate their lives even more. Nothing will ever be the same as everyone is forced to make monumental, life-altering decisions. Can relationships be salvaged in time to help one other through the consequences of poor judgment?

My Thoughts:

A perfect sequel. If you haven't read Where Did We Go Wrong?, definitely check it out. Then you'll want this one right away. Where Did We Go Wrong Again? picks up right where the first ends. This book continues the story of three best friends, with more of their complicated love lives and lots of drama. Who is doing to do what next? I couldn't stop reading to find out. I also loved how each woman had a "Where did I go wrong again?" moment. This book is heartbreaking, shocking, and funny. If  you love drama, steam, and strong women, you'll want to read this.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!!!

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