Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: The Path of the Fallen by Dan O'Brien

The Path of the Fallen (Fallen Chronicles #1) by Dan O'Brien

The world is broken. The coming of the Intelligence pushed the remnants of humanity deep into the tundra. What remained was a vast sea of ice and the machine city, Culouth. E’Malkai Armen, descendent of the Fallen, has been a citizen of Culouth his entire life. A bitter betrayal, and the inception of a war that will destroy millions of lives, forces E’Malkai to confront the past and undertake a pilgrimage that is his by birthright. As he travels to the cold tundra of the north, the realm prepares for war. The Path of the Fallen is a lonely and arduous path, but it must be walked for the sake of all mankind.

My Thoughts:

E'Malkai is 17 years old when suddenly his world is turned upside down, war is threatening to destroy everyone, and they are all counting on him to save them. A fascinating story with an interesting combination of futuristic and more primitive technology. There is a fate-of-the-world quest and plenty of battles. The book is long with lots of backstory, history, people, and places to learn about. I really got into the story, though, and at the end I wanted to find out more.

My Rating: ****
War and violence with a high body count but fairly low on blood and gore. No explicit language. 

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