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Review: One Way or Another by Elaine Raco Chase

One Way or Another by Elaine Raco Chase

One Way or Another was the original title of my second novel, Tender Yearnings, number 19 in the Dell Ecstasy Romance line published in 1981. It went into a record second printing after just one month!
I actually wrote the novel because I was told not to - that romance readers didn't want books where the heroine had a family, especially when they appeared in the same novel. How silly! So Abigail Wetherby was born, along with her mother and sister. Not only that, but my hero, Nick Maxwell came equipped with a father who fell in love with Abby's mom.
When I wrote this story, credit cards were just beginning to grow, the economy was still in trouble, gas cost a fortune, and computers were run by punch cards. I even mentioned the latest craze: having a home computer that printed on green and white paper! (I resisted getting a computer until 1988!)
I hope you will fall in love with this "contemporary classic" and enjoy a time capsule of the way we were.
Meet Abby, computer killer and prickly proprietress of the Cove Bookshop in Camden Cove, Virginia. She's a woman with many secrets, a mother and sister she fiercely protects, and a secluded, quiet life that has become a bit boring.
Enter Nick Maxwell, a man determined to bring Abby to her knees and into his arms - but he had more than a few secrets of his own.

My Thoughts:
This is a contemporary classic, meaning it was originally written in the '80's. Much of the story revolves around a credit card company (run by Nick) and Abby's hatred of them. It was fun to get that little peek into the past. I mean, a computer than runs on punch cards? A novelist who uses a typewriter? My children will never know a world without home computers and credit cards, so I enjoyed that aspect of the story.

I liked the characters Nick and Abby. They were so cute and connected right away, but you know that when someone is keeping secrets, it is going to come back and bite them. So I was holding my breath, waiting for that to happen. I just loved the story. There was plenty of heat, without being graphic. Lots of build-up.

I received an audio copy for review. It was enjoyable to listen to. The narrator, Janina Edwards, did an excellent job. She has a great voice and just became all of the characters. You know the narration is done well when it sort of fades into the background and all you hear is the story.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!

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  1. I've read several of Elaine Raco Chase's books and loved them, so I'm really looking forward to the audio versions. Thank you so much for letting your readers know how much you enjoyed this one.

  2. Oh, I have an old copy of Tender Yearnings. I did not know this was the ebook One Way or Another which I will promptly add to my Kindle.

  3. Been a long time since I read TENDER YEARNINGS, so am eager to get the retitled ebook edition. Much as I've enjoyed all the other releases you've updated, I'm glad you left this one as the classic it was/is. Yes, a great time capsule to savor.


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