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Review: Designing Woman by Elaine Raco Chase

Designing Woman by Elaine Raco Chase

The romance for every woman who's never had the nerve – a rousing passionate battle of the sexes takes place as each tries to outdo the other in a witty, erotic contest of wills!

Griffen St. Clair hadn't meant to eavesdrop on the couple, but who could help not listening as the gorgeous woman was telling her companion that their affair was over. Griffen found he applauded her new-found values – until she turned her considerable attributes on him!

Brandy Abbott decided to teach St. Clair a lesson when he assumed to know so much about her and pronounced her the queen of seducers. Outraged, she chose to play it to the hilt, and found herself loving the part. What she didn't count on was the fact he was soon to be her boss and her lover – And a man who needed to be taught a lesson about women.

Soon she was thrown into emotional chaos and forced to choose between two of the sweetest things life offered – surrender and revenge!

My Thoughts:
Fun, entertaining, and steamy. Griffen misunderstands the first times he sees Brandy and overhears her conversation with her boss. This colors the way he thinks about her and he continues to misinterpret what he sees and hears. Instead of setting him straight, Brandy decides to play along. Things get awkward when she ends up working for him. Funny, with plenty of tension and lots of steam.

I was provided an audio copy for review and I enjoyed it. The narrator did a nice job, but it is clear that she cannot do a British accent. She did muddle through the brief conversation that called for one. Overall an enjoyable listen.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!!!
My Source: author

Where to get it:
Barnes & Noble

About the Author: (from her website) 

Elaine Raco Chase is the award-winning author of seventeen paperback novels with over 3 million books in print. She is published in 25 countries and 15 languages.
As a romance writer, Chase has won two sales awards for top romance novels of the year, Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award for romantic suspense, and the Affaire de Coeur Silver Pen Award for writing excellence. Her non-fiction debut Amateur Detectives – A Writer’s Guide was nominated for the prestigious Agatha Christie Award.
Elaine was past President of Sisters in Crime International, a charter member of Romance Writers of America and a registered lecturer for Poets and Writers.
She currently teaches a variety of writing courses.

Where to find the author:
Elaine Raco Chase
Triangle Variety Radio


  1. Thanks so much for the great review of Designing Woman - it's a fun read and a fun earful!

    I appreciate the honest review of both the ebook and the audio book - I love Sheila Book who also narrates Video Vixen.

    Please note the Amazon link above goes to an older hardcover large print edition - the ebook has been updated and that is what the audio book is taken from.

    Nook & Smashword link is correct - Amazon link to ebook: DESIGNING WOMAN by Elaine Raco Chase

    Hope everyone will take a read!

    1. Thanks! Link is fixed. Sheila Book was great. I would listen to another book narrated by her.

  2. This was the first book I read by Elaine Raco Chase, and I loved it! Haven't listened to the audio version yet, but it's on my list. :)

  3. Elaine Raco Chase never fails to entertain me with her creative plots, excellent research, humorous banter, and sizzling sexual tension to hot sex. Loved this story.

  4. Thanks for the audio review. I read the book and also enjoyed the audio book too.


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