Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Our Blissful Bayou Beginnings by Danielle Peterson

Our Blissful Bayou Beginnings by Danielle Peterson

The Duck And The Doe is the tale of two immortal beings whose eternal love has soured a bit in the last two centuries. Written as memoir by the "hero," this novella is a musing on both what love is and how much America has changed since the early 19th century. The first volume deals with both the supernatural and the racism of the old American south. Told with humor and passion (and the occasional rant) the story of these strong characters, including a wealthy young lawyer and a clever courtsean, will change your idea of what "love forever'' really means.

My Thoughts:
This is not your typical romance. Told in memoir form, the unusual style pulled me right in. He tends to ramble, inserting comments about their love/hate relationship of the past 200 years, commentary on technology, and whatever else. It is a strange story and this is just the beginning of the tale, but I feel that there was a whole story here. It tells how their relationship began. I am curious to see where it goes from here. I found it to be entertaining all the way through. This is great if you like things that are a little off-beat and unexpected.

My Rating: ****

Where to get it:
Barnes & Noble

Where to find the author:
Danielle Peterson

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