Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Dysfunctional Romance! by Derick Hudson

Dysfunctional Romance! by Derick Hudson

Barry Shaws’s whirlwind journey through life was shaped by the growing demands of a multitude of disorders, which meant he tended to clean things repeatedly and aggressively, before they had the chance to murder him!

Barry thrived on routine. If it hadn’t happened before, it was unlikely to happen ever…until he collided into her that is. On that fateful day, as he walked to work, stepping from the centre of one pavement stone to the next, he crashed into Sandra Wiggins, who had also been discreetly avoiding the dreaded cracks. It was lust at first sight. Love would have to wait. Apart, they were just weird, but together, they were pure mental!

This is the bittersweet, often hillarious story of two human lovebirds, destined to spend their calamitous lives together…until something extraordinary occurs that threatens to decimate what remains of their limited sanity. Welcome to the New World Order, created when Barry met his Miss. Match!

My Thoughts:
Fun RomCom. I love stories with unconventional meetings. Barry and Sandra meet when they collide while both trying to avoid the cracks in the pavement. Although they have both had problems with relationships in the past due to their quirks, they just seem to get one another. They face all sorts of crazy situations together and just make it work. The humor is a bit on the vulgar side, but completely hilarious. Just a fun read.

My Rating: ****
Steam Factor: !!
*Notes: Strong language, vulgar humor.
My Source: Kindle freebie

Where to get it:
Barnes & Noble

Where to find the author:
Derick Hudson

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