Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Addicted to Love by C.J. West

Addicted To Love by C.J. West

Wes Holliday sells his landscaping business and retreats to a quaint mountain town to heal after ending a ten year relationship with a woman he couldn't bring himself to marry. In three weeks he is so captivated by a hair stylist that he deprives himself of food and sleep to be near her. When the local sheriff is murdered, Wes is recruited to keep the peace in the town his parents built, but he knows nothing about law enforcement and he's struggling to understand how a woman he just met can dominate his every waking thought. Soon the idyllic town with a penchant for romance is rocked by a bizarre series of murders that defy explanation and it is up to Wes to stop a raging epidemic of violence.

My Thoughts:
This was different. The description pretty much sums it up. Something seems off in this town, which is why this book moved to the top of my to-read list when I found it free on Amazon. I wanted to find out what was going on. The plot is compelling enough to make you want to keep reading to find out.  Poor Wes was so confused for most of the book, I felt bad for him. I was a bit surprised by the ending. It was worth a read.  I will check out other books by this author.

My Rating:  ***
Steam Factor:  !!

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