Custom Book Charms

I can turn your book cover into a tiny handmade book with an eye pin for use on a necklace, earring, bracelet, or keychain.

Unique and handmade to order, these are perfect for a book lover or for author.
Books are made with folded paper and do not open. Covered with a layer of varnish to seal and protect. Approximately 1" tall.

I will use your image for the cover and choose a coordinating color for the back/spine unless you would like a specific color. I can also put an image or text on the back. I can also use a cover flat image for the entire cover.

If you would like your charm on jewelry:

Ball Chain necklace

Link Necklace

Link Bracelet

Key Chain

Hook Earrings

Post Earrings

Book charms with patterned covers are available as well:

1 charm - $5
4 charms - $18
5 charms - $20
10 charms- $35
15 charms - $50

Per charm price:
1-3 charms- $5 each
4 charms- $4.25 each
5-9 charms- $4 each
10-14 charms- $3.50 each
15+ charms - $3.33 each

earrings - $10
bracelet, necklace, or keychain - charm cost plus $3

Depending on the size of the order, I usually ship within 1-2 weeks. I am not responsible for the postal service. Shipping usually takes 3-5 days in the US, 2-4 weeks international. A $2.00 shipping charge will be added to orders under $20.

I will send an invoice via PayPal that you may choose to pay with credit card. For orders over $100, half must be paid before I begin working on the order. Invoice must be paid before shipping, but I will send a photo upon completion.

To order, or if you have a question, simply fill out the form below or contact me at wilovebooks @ gmail. com. I will get back to you and you can send your cover image via email. Thanks so much!

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