Sunday, May 3, 2015

Book Thoughts: Where to get free and bargain ebooks

It's no secret that I love books. I have a habit of signing up for mailing lists and newsletters that advertise free and bargain ebooks. Do I need any more? No, I have more than I can read as it is. Doesn't stop me from signing up, though, even though I have been deleting them on sight to eliminate the temptation to click.

Last weekend at the reader even I went to I heard one reader recommending one such site. That comment reminded me that not all people have the overabundance of reading material that I do, so I thought I would compile a list for you.  Most of these sites have a combination of free books and books under $3, occasionally higher if it's a bargain compared to its usual price. Keep in mind that the quality of books will vary, but you can usually find some gems. I hope you enjoy this round-up of free and bargain ebooks.

BookBub - You will need to sign up with your email to see books, but they are divided by category and you can choose the genres you want sent to you. They have books in a variety of formats (Kindle, nook, Google, Kobo, Apple)

BookGorilla - You can check out the selection of books before you sign up. They have best sellers for under $3. Looks like Kindle only. 

Bookperk - This one is HarperCollins. Need to sign up with email to see books.

Booklovers' Heaven - Browse books on their website. Can sign up if you wish. Just choose the genres you want to see. Mostly Kindle, but some other formats as well. 

Ebook Email - Free Kindle books delivered daily. Can edit your subscription. Need to sign up to see books. 

eBookStage - Browse books on their website. Sign up for emails if you want. Browse by genre. Variety of formats, but looks like mostly Kindle. 

The Fussy Librarian - The website shows deals from the past 30 days. Subscribe for personalized book suggestions. You even indicate your preferences for language, sex, and violence. They have books for Kindle, Nook, Android, iPad, and Smashwords.

Kindle Nation Daily - Looks like BookGorilla geared toward Kindle owners. The have Kindle tips on their site. 

The Midlist  - Their goal is to find you quality Kindle books. Subscribe or browse on their site.

PeopleReads - Looks like just Kindle books. Can browse their site or subscribe. 

Pixel of ink - Free and bargain Kindle books on their website or subscribe to their emails. Christian Kindle books are featured on Inspired Reads

Know of any that I didn't list? Feel free to list them in the comments! 

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