Friday, November 21, 2014

Review: Blast From the Past by J.E. Fishman

The only series based on the real world of the NYPD Bomb Squad. Technical advisor Lt. Mark Torre, Commander NYPD Bomb Squad


Is Kieran Lehane a good cop on a rogue investigation? Or is he just a rogue cop?

Federal investigators examining the wreckage of Triangle Flight 699 declared the tragedy an accident and folded their probe. But NYPD dog handler Kieran Lehane, the squad's oldest detective, secretly pursues the case, forcing a review hearing. Then, much to his surprise, Lehane's dog suddenly "alerts" on a visitor to the hearing. The detective gives chase. Although he loses his suspect, he now has just what he wished for and more. He has the feds' attention, his squad's attention, and the terrorists' attention. There's just one problem: He may soon be forced to choose between saving the next planeful of victims and saving himself.

My Thoughts:
Kieran is trying to solve a case that is 10 years old. He doesn't like the way it seemed to be covered up and can't let it go even when told by his superiors. Not even when things start to get dangerous. Even his friends think he has an unhealthy obsession. I enjoyed following along as Kieran put the pieces together with the help of a determined reporter and a sweet bomb-sniffing dog named Georgia. Enjoyable police procedural/ thriller. I've read the first in this series but not the others. They stand alone, though they share some characters.

My Rating: *****
Steam Factor: !!

Mild language, some violence.

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