Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Feature: Giving It Up by Amber Lin

I reviewed this one a while back but it has recently been re-released with a new cover and a lower price (2.99 at the moment). I gave it 5 stars and is a must read if you like your romance on the darker side. 

Blurb:Allie prowls the club for a man who will use her hard and then ditch her. Hey, it’s not rape if she wants it. Instead she finds Colin, who looks tough but treats her tenderly, despite her protests.

He tempts her, but kindness and a few mindblowing orgasms aren’t enough to put her back together again. Two years ago her best friend betrayed her in the worst possible way; she’d be stupid to trust a man again. Especially one like Colin, whose criminal past threatens them both.

When her rapist returns, Allie must fight for the man she loves–and her life–hoping her newfound power will be enough to save them all.

Praise & Excerpt:

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